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Château Trotanoy, Pomerol

Located in the Pomerol appellation, Trotanoy vineyard spread on 7.20 hectares.

The soil at the highest point of exposure contains a good proportion of gravel, becoming progressively more dominated by clay as the elevation declines. Under this clay is a subsoil of red gravel and an impermeable layer of hard, iron-rich soil known as “crasse de fer.” This soil diversity brings power, depth and complexity to the wine.

Grape varieties are composed of 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc.

The micro-climate of Trotanoy is a bit warmer thant other neighboring estates. The vineyard was one of the few not to freeze in 1956.

The name “Trotanoy” comes from old French, meaning too much trouble (to work the vineyard whose soil can be very dry). Indeed, the work in the vineyard is fastidious: severe pruning in the winter, regular ploughing, crop-thinning, de-leafing, manicuring the clusters in the summer…

The must is vinified in small concrete vats and the young wine matures in 50% new oak barrels for about 18 months.

The annual production averages 25,000 bottles of the Grand Vin, Château Trotanoy. A second wine, L’Esperance de Trotanoy, has made its debut in 2009 when 500 cases of were produced. It is not made in every vintage.

Château Trotanoy is owned by the Moueix family since 1953.

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Sep 06, 2021

Yes, Trotanoy vineyard might be "Too annoying" to labor, but NOT too annoying to drink!!!

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