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Harvest 2021 at Château Figeac

In 2021, Château-Figeac inaugurated a new 5,000 m² semi-underground winery equipped with custom made stainless steel and wooden vats. In October, Wine Gallery was there to witness the first harvest made in this new winery.

Photos and video by Wine Gallery

Grapes are put on the sorting table where workers discard berries that are damaged.

Then the grapes go through a destemmer and an optical sorting machine so that only the best berries are selected to make the wine.

The vat room uses gravity-feed technology in order to ensure a gentle process.

Watch in this 24-second video the manual sorting, destemming, optical sorting and vatting

The new winery is equipped with 40 truncated cone stainless steel vats for plot vinification and 8 custom made French oak vats.

The French oak vats are fitted with food-quality transparent plexiglass staves so that every stage of the vinification process can be observed.

The tasting room is separated from the vat room only by a glass pane. It offers also panoramic views of the vineyard.

For more information about Château Figeac, please contact us or visit: (Official Website)


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