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Visit at Château Ausone, October 2022

Château Ausone was one of the two first wineries to be ranked Premier Grand Cru Classé (A) in the original classification of Saint-Émilion wine in 1955, along with Château Cheval Blanc. At the 2022 edition, the château decided to withdraw from the ten-yearly St Emilion classification.

The Château is located west of the city of St. Émilion, at an altitude of 75 metres. The vineyard is composed of 7 hectares planted with a majority of Cabernet Franc and a smaller proportion of Merlot. The vines, planted across small terraces, spread over a limestone plateau. They are sheltered from the wind and enjoy a perfect East South-East exposure. Château Ausone was one of a few estates which escaped the frost of 1956, while its neighbours suffered the destruction of their vines. The average age of vines is fifty years, and some are one century old.

Château Ausone implements methods inspired by organic and biodynamic farming.

The estate produces a second wine, Chapelle d’Ausone, which is made with grapes from young vines that will later produce the First Wine. The annual production of the Grand in and the second wine averages a little more than 2,000 cases.

Since the mid-1990’s the Vauthier family owns Château Ausone.

Alain Vauthier manages the estate with his daughter Pauline and his son Edouard.

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For more information about Château Ausone please visit the presentation of Château Ausone with official photos: Château Ausone or visit the official website of the château:


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