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The Hilt, Santa Barbara

Located in Santa Rita Hills Valley, close to the ocean, the The Hilt estate is whipped by winds. The cold maritime climate allows grapes to ripen slowly and retain acidity despite the warm daytime. The vines on the property are low in vigor, allowing them to produce low yields of concentrated, complex grapes.


At the estate herbicides and pesticides are banned and viticulture integrates with agriculture and livestock. They make their own honey, grow olives and have pigs, turkeys, sheep and goats.


The Hilt produces two distinct styles of wine:

The Old Guard which relies on elegant clonal selections planted on poorer soils along with minimalist cellar methods to produce a wine with minerality and structure.
The Vanguard which is sourced from more robust clones planted on slightly richer soils revealing a wine with balance, power and fruit driven qualities.


The Hilt is owned by Stan Kroenke who also owns Screaming Eagle, Jonata, and Bonneau du Martray.  


Photos courtesy of The Hilt Estate.

The Hilt Pinot Bowl-Logo.jpg
The Hilt 016S.jpg
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For more information please contact us or visit: (Official Website)

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