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Louis Michel & Fils, Chablis

Michel family has been making wines in the heart of Chablis since the 19th century. The family vineyard, whose vines are 45 years old on average, is located on the most prestigious parcels within a radius of two kilometres from the winery. This proximity between vineyard and winery is a huge advantage during the harvest: the fruit retains its high quality throughout its short journey to the pressing room.


The vineyards of the Domaine are concentrated on the first slopes to be farmed by Cistercian monks during the 11th century.


In the 1960s, Louis Michel & Fils made the bold decision to vinify its wines only in stainless steel tanks: this neutral material does not have any effect on the natural qualities of the chardonnay grapes. The domaine is now a reference in stainless steel maturation throughout the world.


Louis Michel & Fils’ vineyards cover all four appellations: Chablis Grand Cru, Premier Cru, Chablis and Petit Chablis, and produces twelve wines:
Three Grand Crus: Grenouilles, Les Clos, and Vaudésir and seven Premier Crus: Montmain, Forêts, Butteaux, Butteaux “Vieilles Vignes”, Vaillons, Séchets, Fourchaume, and Montée de Tonnerre, as well as Chablis and Petit Chablis.


Nowadays, the domain is managed by Guillaume Michel.

Photos courtesy of Louis Michel & Fils

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Located in northern Burgundy, the vineyards of Chablis are subjected to cold winters and late springs prone to frosts. Some nights, smudge pots are lit to warm the cold air at ground level.

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Chardonnay is the only grape variety authorized in the 4 Chablis appellations

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Photos courtesy of Louis Michel & Fils

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