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Visit at Domaine Dugat-Py, April 2019

This long crack was found when Domaine Dugat-Py has built a new cellar next to his original 12th century cellar. Loïc Dugat, the 13th generation of winemaker in the Dugat family explained us that in Côte de Nuits the clay is mainly red because of its iron content, suiting better Pinot Noir and in Côte de Beaune the clay is mainly white suiting better Chardonnay.

This crack shows how roots can go deeper in the soil to feed themselves on minerals. Here, in this area of Gevrey-Chambertin roots can go 5 to 7 meters deep in the soil thanks to these kind of cracks in the limestone. It takes 30 to 40 years for the roots to go that deep and to express the terroir.


Loïc also explained that 2017 was a complicated vintage because consecutively to the 2016 spring frost production was booming. Usually he green harvests a little but in 2017 he had to green harvest up to 15% to maintain a good concentration in the grapes. At the domain, the average age of the vine is 70 years with some vine stocks older than 100 years. Loïc is running the domain with the help of Bernard, his father. Domaine Dugat-Py is certified organic and uses biodynamics practises.

long crack at Dugat-Py cellar.JPG
Dugat-Py Cellar
Loïc Dugat
Dugat-Py Cellar
Dugat-Py Cellar
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