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Domaine Ponsot, Morey-Saint-Denis

Founded in 1872 with Clos des Monts Luisant and Clos de la Roche, Domaine Ponsot was one of the first domains in Burgundy to do estate bottling (since 1934) and was a pioneer of clonal selection in the early 1960s.

The production is made of 83% red wine and 17% white wine. Regional appellations represent 1% of total production, Village 7%, Premier Cru 13% and Grand Cru 79%.


The Domaine is famous for its Morey-Saint-Denis Blanc 1er Cru Clos des Monts Luisants, the only 1er Cru from Burgundy made entirely from Aligoté. The name "Monts Luisant" (Shining Monts) is a reference to the leaves of the vine which are very yellow and never turn red in autumn. Late in the evening, the sun shines through the canopy illuminating the area brightly. 

The Domaine is also well known for its red wines Clos de la Roche and Clos St. Denis.


At harvest, the grapes are hand-picked into wicker baskets and then transferred into small crates which weigh no more than 17 kilos, ensuring that the grapes are not compacted and arrive intact for pressing. Wines are aged in oak barrels for two years. New barrels are never used. Wines are neither fined nor filtered and the domain uses very little sulphur.


Since the departure of Laurent Ponsot from the estate to concentrate on personal ventures, Rose-Marie Ponsot is the sole Director of the company.

Photos courtesy of Domaine Ponsot

2017-10-13 (0397) Airvue.JPG
2017-10-13 (0371) Airvue.JPG
2017-10-13 (398) Airvue.JPG
2017-10-13 (0357) Airvue.JPG

The small house is not the cellar, just a place to store tools to work in the vineyard

Ponsot Map.JPG

In Burgundy, a "Clos" does not need to be completely surrounded by walls to be able to be named "Clos".
On the maps, above and below, there are only 3 walls (North, West and East). The Southern wall has never existed.
Clos des Monts Luisants, which is a monopole of Domaine Ponsot is shown in green colour.  

Cuvee des alouettes.JPG

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