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Château Léoville Las Cases, 2ème Grand Cru Classé (Second Growth), St. Julien

One of the oldest Medoc estates, Château Léoville-Las Cases produces a wine named Grand Vin de Léoville du Marquis de Las Cases which is ranked Deuxième Grand Cru Classé (Second Growths) of Saint Julien in the original Bordeaux Wine Official Classification of 1855.


The estates is composed of 98 hectares planted with 65% of Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% of Merlot and 16% of Cabernet Franc.


The largest plot of Léoville Las Cases’ vineyards, known as the Grand Clos covers 55 hectares and is located on the northern boundary of St. Julien, with only the Juillac tributary separating its vineyards from those of Château Latour in Pauillac.


Léoville Las Cases was one of the first estates in Bordeaux to introduce a second label, Clos du Marquis which is a separate wine.

Since 2007 the estate produces a genuine second wine, Petit Lion du Marquis de Las Cases.


The average annual production of Grand Vin de Léoville du Marquis de Las Cases is 200,000 bottles.


Since the mid-20th century, the Delon family have been owners of this estate, also owners of Château Potensac and Nénin. 

Photos courtesy of Château Léoville Las Cases

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Photos courtesy of Château Léoville Las Cases

For more information about Château Léoville Las Cases please visit: (Official Website)

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