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Château de Latour, Clos de Vougeot 

Chateau de la Tour was built in 1890 and is the only winery located inside Clos de Vougeot. This domain of 6 hectares owns the largest share of Clos de Vougeot and is the only one to vinify and raise and age the wine inside the Clos.

The Domaine has started to put its wine in its own bottle in the 1930s.

At harvest, grapes are picked up by hand and put in small wicker baskets so that the juice can flow down easily. Organic farming has been implemented since 1992 and Biodynamic methods since 2015.

Chateau de la Tour produces 2 main wines, a classic Clos de Vougeot (about 22,000 bottles per vintage) and an old vine wine (about 3,000 bottles per vintage) as well as a special cuvée, Homage à Jean Morin, made with selected grapes from vines planted in 1910.

Photos courtesy of Château de Latour


Chateau de la Tour, on the right side of the photo, is the only domain located inside Clos de Vougeot who vinify its wine within the Clos.

Clos4 copie 2.jpg

View from the terrasse of Chateau de la Tour:

An abandoned building on the left and Château du Clos de Vougeot on the right. 

IMGP1909 copie.jpg
Cheval Chateau de la Tour V3-86-2 copie.
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Festival of Colours in Autumn.JPG

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