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Château Bélair-Monange, 1er Grand Cru Classé B of St. Emilion

Château Bélair-Monange traces its origins back to Roman times. The soil is composed of limestone from the central plateau and of blue clay on limestone in the slopes.

Établissements Jean-Pierre Moueix purchased the Château in 2008 and immediately undertook extensive renovations of the vineyard, winery, underground quarries, and château in order to restore the cru to its rightful historic status.

In 2012, Château Magdelaine, a contiguous Premier Grand Cru Classé acquired by Jean-Pierre Moueix in 1952, was merged into Château Bélair-Monange.


The name ‘Monange’, in addition to its literal translation, ‘my angel’, was the maiden name of Jean-Pierre Moueix’s mother, Anne-Adèle, the first Moueix woman to call Saint-Émilion her home.

Today the vineyard consists of 23.5 hectares planted with 90% Merlot and 10% Cabernet Franc.

Photos courtesy of Établissements Jean-Pierre Moueix

Belair-Monange chateau; photo credit Ben
Belair-Monange terrasses 1 photo credit
Chateau Belair-Monange plateau st Emilio

Photos courtesy of Établissements Jean-Pierre Moueix

For more information about Château Bélair-Monange please visit: (Official Website)

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