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Arneis Grape Variety

Arneis is an Italian white grape variety that originated from Roero in Piemonte.

The name means “little rascal” in Piemontese and it is so called because this grape variety is known to be difficult to grow and to vinify.

Wine made with Arneis is usually dry, full-body, with flavours of pear, apricot, and citrus fruits. In the 1970’s Arneis almost disappeared. At that time, only two producers, Vietti and Bruno Giacosa were commercializing wine made with this grape variety.

Fortunately, the 1980’s saw a renaissance in interest for white wines from Piemonte and plantings began to increase. Nowadays there are a few hundred hectares planted with Arneis in Roero and Langhe.

According to a local tradition, Arneis was planted together with Nebiolo to attract birds with its strong flavour and protect Nebiolo which has a better market value.
It was also used in blending to soften the tannins of Nebbiolo grape in the wines of the Barolo region.

Roero Arneris is a DOCG and Bruno Giacosa is the most famous domain for the production of Roero Arneis.

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