BOND, Napa Valley

Bond was founded by H. William Harlan as a small portfolio of wines "Grand Cru” in quality, and 1997 was the first year of production.


Producing only the best expression of the land through Cabernet Sauvignon, the five BOND wines (Melbury, Pluribus, St. Eden, Quella, and Vecina) are made from hillside sites across the Napa Valley. The BOND winery sits in the western hills of Oakville nearby the Harlan Estate winery. These small hillside Cabernet vineyards range in size from 2.8 hectares to 4.45 hectares.

Cory Empting, who is the winemaker for both Bond and Harlan Estate is focused on getting the best potential expression from each site.

A second wine named Matriarch is also produced.

Photos courtesy of BOND

Bond Map.jpg

The five sites of BOND can be seen on the above map. Each of them has a different soil.

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Bond Sunrise at the winery.JPG
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BOND Awaiting Harvest.jpg

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